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“Crush, kill and destroy!”

21st century units are units stored within tech bunkers scattered around the wastelands during the Great Surface War and the War of the Three Armies. They were armored vehicles used by armies before the War of 2079.

In-game, they can only be unlocked from the tech bunkers once the player has reached the maximum tech level for their faction.

Krush Kill 'n' DestroyEdit

GortTheRobot Mech PlasmaTank SentinelDroid
Gort the Robot Mech Plasma tank Sentinel droid

Krush Kill 'n' Destroy 2: KrossfireEdit

Gort Mechanoid RailgunTank Dropship TheGeminiXii SentinelDroid2
Gort Mechanoid Railgun tank Dropship Gemini XXI Sentinel droid

See alsoEdit

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