KKND Frontfire
KKnD Frontfire Logo
Developer(s) Eternal Eight Studios
Engine Source Engine
Release date(s) Cancelled
Genre(s) First-person shooter

KKND Frontfire is a defunct mod for Half-Life 2.


KKND Frontfire is a single player shooter in the style of KKnD 2 Krossfire (strategy game) for Valve's Source Engine. It is developed by the European source mod studio "Eternal Eight Studios" in Germany. The studio's intents with the mod is to recreate the atmosphere and actions of the "KKND 2 Krossfire" game that we truely loved in Germany the 90's. However, the studio focuses on a more realistic KKND 2 Krossfire experience than the original series which was rather comical in nature. The mod does not aim to create a new game but rather to capture the action of the strategy game as it has been done, e.g. by former game developer Westwood with their C&C Renegade several years ago.

The player will fight in a single player campaign through 12 chapters (missions) performing strategic military tasks to reach the goals of the Survivor Army. The storyline will be centered around a member of the Survivor Army who is the leader of a special task force squad at the front of war against the other two dominant races: The Evolved and The Series 9. The goal of the mod is the same as it was in the strategy game: Reconquer Earth for Mankind!

Features Edit

  • Redesign and overhaul of the KKND 2 Krossfire units in a realistic way with additions
  • 12 chapter storyline (which is different than the one from the original strategy game)
  • Frequent KKND-ish cutscenes to go further in the plot
  • Our very own soundtrack
  • Familiar HL2 health and ammo system
  • Deathmatch Multiplayer Maps
  • Researching (developing) and repairing of vehicles, buildings or other assets as could be done in the original game.

Details about Chapters Edit

For KKND fans only, with explanations.

Chapter Title Reference
1 Scratching the Surface Reference to living underground after the nuclear hellfire of 2079 and going to Earth's contaminated surface (again).
2 Kaboom! Reference to heavy explosions in the original game.
3 Burning the Midnight Oil Reference to oil shortage in the original game.
4 Scourged Spirits Reference to the "scourge" of the Evolved from the original game.
5 Tech Talk Reference to tech bunkers which will also be in the mod.
6 End of Line Reference to the end of robot production (end of assembly line).
7 Damn it, can head! Reference to the "Damn it Janet!" level in KKND 2 Krossfire.
8 Barry's got a gun! Reference to the excellent actor Barry Corbin, who was rumored to be the voice of the general in the original game.
9 Natural Deselection Reference to the Half-Life modification Natural Selection.
10 Division by Zero Reference to system failures alround the world due to not carefully excluding the case of mathematically deviding a number by zero.
11 Death all Freakers Reference to the Evolved as in "freak of nature".
12 Kollateral Damage Reference to KKND 2 Krossfire's beta name.

Development Edit

KKND Frontfire's history comes a long way. In the beginning in 2006, it was an idea of two guys still in school. In the same year active development was abandoned and planning for the mod happened only sporadically. However, on 29th of March 2013 we decided to pick up the slack and follow the very interesting hobby of source modding again, this time uninterrupted and with strong ambition. Now in 2014, we still have not regretted the decision to make a mod for Half-Life 2 although there is much work involved in telling a story well within a modern 3D game engine. We are honest with you guys; we could easily be doing something else these days, e.g. our own game on Android or whatever but we thought "when do we get the chance again to bring two things we deeply love and care about together - probably never again". This determines our ambition to the present today and probably will also in the future.

Team Edit

Eternal Eight Studios is a German development team located near Freiburg im Breisgau (South West of Germany) and over time has become a one-man show. I know what you might think of one-man shows - let me tell you this: forget about it in this case. Making a mod by oneself has many advantages over organizing a group of people over a long period of time. Unfortunately, it has also two main disadvantages: first it is not as fun as working in a team and second, progress is much slower (but not less high quality). If you happend to want to participate in the mod's development, feel free to PM me via

Localized Versions Edit

KKND Frontfire will only be available in the English language.


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