KKnD1 Logo Evolved
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KKnD2 Logo Evolved Krush Kill 'n' Destroy 2: Krossfire Evolved Units and Buildings KKnD2 Logo Evolved
Infantry BerzerkerRioterPyromaniacHoming bazookoidMartyrSpirit archerMekanikScourge demon
Vehicles Mobile clan hallMobile derrickBull ant tankerDire wolfPit scorpionCrinoidWar mastodonDeath hippoMissile crabMega beetle
Aircraft FloaterPteranodonWasp bomber
Buildings Clan hallWarrior hallBeast enclosurePower plantForgeAlchemy hallHealing tentDerrickBig pigPig penAltar of the ScourgeDetention centre
Defenses KneecapperThe WormBallista towerBazooka batteryTouch Of Death
Walls Skeletal wallThunder fence
Vehicles Grizzly bearCholopodAnkylsaur
Weapons Small APCLarge APCRepairRadarArtilleryAnti AircraftAcid turretSpirit arrow turretFrenzy

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